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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Multitasking a must.

My husband went to a motorcycle show with some friends today. He looks forward to this show all year long. Motorcycle show to my husband is like bridal show to newly engaged woman. He buys tickets ahead of time, plans what he wants to look for or buy, he even orders coupons for $ off the tickets months in advance. It's kind of a big deal. Of course, the forecast called for the weather to turn bad, it always does. When he left, the weather was actually fine. It turned bad here at about the same time I last heard from him. I had sent him a picture of a brand new extracted tooth and he didn't respond. Nothing. Not like him, especially since he wasn't the one driving. Eh, whatever. An hour went by, still nothing. I text messaged him again. "Did you get the picture of the tooth?" Nothing. Another 45 minutes and I decide to call. No answer. At this point I'm getting a bit concerned because the roads have gotten bad here and if they're bad here they're usually worse in the direction he was traveling. A bit more time went by and finally he called me. "I was worried about you, the weather got bad here." "Oh, I was navigating. I need to update the GPS, it doesn't know all the new roads."

Navigating folks, not driving. Seriously, why were men wired like this? A quick text to say "Hey, navigating" would have killed him? So, we had small talk about the tooth and his fairy duties upon his return home tonight. He was trying to hurry the conversation as they had just gotten to the show. We said our pleasantries and hung up. The picture of my husband my mind painted right then made me laugh out loud. He hung up his phone and ran into the motorcycle show, darting from booth to booth like a kid set free in a toy store. "Oooh...look at this! I want one of these! Oooh...wow...ahhh..." I'm sure that in actuality, he sauntered in like the cool guy he is and enjoyed the plethora of shiny new motorcycles on display, but the picture in my mind is funnier and helps me be not mad anymore that he made me worry.

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