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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Just one more minute...

I did not set my alarm clock this morning. Two days a week I take pleasure in NOT having to get up for anything in particular. Eight o'clock is my "sleep in" goal, since I live with three children who think sleep is merely an inconvenient thing I make them do. Their motto is the equivalent of "Are we there yet?" when it comes to sleep. They pop out of bed, "Can we be awake now?", at the most God-awful of hours. ONLY ON THE WEEKEND mind you. During the week, when I am up at the crack o' dawn, and they need to be up shortly thereafter, they are out cold, like they're sleeping off a Nyquil induced coma. It's actually crossed my mind to lie to them about what day it is to keep them in bed. Either that or actually GIVE them NyQuil....

BANG BANG BANG BANG was my alarm this morning at 7:15. My husband pulled off his Darth Vadar breathing mask and went to the door, unlocking it. (We lock our doors to keep the human octopus that is our four year old out of our bed.) Our soon-to-be six year old was at the door, frantic. "I CAN'T SMELL ANYTHING WITH MY NOSE!!" As opposed to your ears? She wanted nothing more than to inform us of her mucous-ridden nasal passages.

We got another 30 minutes of sleep before demands for sustenance were being made by the octopus. Seriously kid, bears don't eat all winter. Wanna know why? CUZ THEY'RE STILL SLEEPING.


  1. I remember those days all to well. One morning around 6am Saturday, my son comes into the bedroom and pats me on the face and whispers to me, "Dad, the cats on fire!"

    WHAT!!! The cats what? "On fire dad."

    My son was attempting to cook bacon by himself. He turned on the stove burner and went looking for a frying pan. Our curious cat decided to investigate, (As he always does) and stuck his face in the open flame. It singed his whiskers and the cat walked around stupid for a month until his whiskers regrew.

    So yes, I can relate a little.

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  3. it does not get any better when they get older, still full of snot and still need to lock the door.